No one has lived in the village of Kvarsha in Akhalkalak for almost a century, but the life of the past is evidenced by the church of St. Geovorg, stones for various purposes, and the indescribable beauty of the area. The ruins of the village remain in this picturesque place. The church in the village of Kvarsha has been preserved comparatively better than other buildings, but it has also been destroyed. The remains of stone walls, ruins of houses, as well as grain warehouses have been preserved in the vicinity. From this area there is a beautiful view of the Parvana gorge, the road to Akhaltsikhe, and the villages of the Aspindza municipality are visible. The village and the church are mentioned in the book “Javakhk” by Armenian historian and historian Samvel Karapetyan. About 100 settlements of the region are represented in this book. Until 1944, Meskh Muslims lived in Kvarsha. The village has been destroyed over the years. The latest research in Kvardza was carried out in the 90s of the last century.