The amazing and mysterious Isik-Kul Lake, which has a thousand-year history, is located in Kyrgyzstan and hides many secrets. These treasures of underwater antiquities, monuments of material and spiritual culture attracted the attention of famous archaeologists and researchers back in the 1800s. However, the most interesting story is connected with the search for the Armenian monastery, which, according to some experts, is located at the bottom of Isik Kul. Information about the Armenian monastery (1856-1857) was first published by the Russian traveler P. P. Semenov-Tien Shanski. He was the first to translate the notes of the Catalan map into Russian. Another proof of the existence of the Armenian Christian monastery in Isik Kul is the book “The land of the descendants of the Patriarch of the Turks”, published in 2022. Armenians create and spread their culture not only on their own land and this once again proves that the Armenians are an ancient creative nation.