The statement of the Armenian Embassy in Greece. The video broadcast on July 5 by CBC TV Azerbaijan and distributed by the Azerbaijani Embassy in Greece in Greek, regarding the village of Mehmana of Artsakh and the historical and cultural heritage is nothing but an annoying attempt to “export” to other countries the policy of Armenophobia and  hatred that has become common in Azerbaijan to other countries.  The village of Mehmana in the Martakert region of Artsakh was founded by four Greek miners who were Pontus Greeks who escaped the genocide. Before the war, Greeks and Armenians lived side by side, there were many Armenian-Greek families. The facts of the “encroachment” of the Greek Orthodox Church and the Greek historical and cultural heritage are also distorted and do not correspond to reality. The video deliberately keeps silent about the destruction of another Orthodox church by the Azerbaijani authorities – the Greek Orthodox (Russian) Church of St. Gevorg in Shushi, which was also visited by Greeks. During the years of the genocide committed by the Turks, both Armenians and Greeks, Yezidis and other peoples who settled in our territories were killed and deprived of their lives in their native territories. We hope that there will be an international discussion on this issue and an attempt will be made to silence the false rumors spread by the Azerbaijani authorities.