The American organization “Genocide Education Project” in cooperation with the museum-institute built-in memory of the victims of the  Genocide of Armenians on July 9-17, 2022  organizes a training program for American teachers. The course takes place in the museum’s conference hall in the lecture-lesson format. A separate lesson on the Artsakh issue has been highlighted. The program includes a special cultural part that will contribute to the general knowledge of the history of Armenians. “This year, 15 teachers from 15 different US states will take part in the program. Most of them have 20 or more years of experience” the report says. Western Armenia attaches great importance to the holding of such courses, as it contributes to the voicing of crimes against Armenians. We want to remind you that US President Joe Biden recognized the genocide committed by Turkey, condemning it, but Western Armenia is still waiting for more serious actions so that the Armenians in these territories restore the right to nativness and liberate the lands from Turkish occupation.