Bagesh Fortress, one of the prominent structures of Western Armenia, was first mentioned by the 7th-century historian Sebeos. According to legend, the foundation of the fortress is associated with the name of Alexander the Great. In 1849, the Turkish authorities captured Baghesh, destroyed the fortress and many other structures. Then Bagesh turns into the center of the vilayet of the same name. In June 1915, the Armenian population of the entire district was subjected to terrible pogroms, after which Bagesh ceased to be an Armenian. On February 18, 1916, the First Armenian Volunteers led by Commander Andranik captured the Bagesh fortress. Soon Turkish troops recaptured Bagesh, finally liberating it from the Armenians. This is one of the latest examples of the deportation of indigenous peoples, which occurred both decades before the genocidal actions, and was repeated in the 1900s by Turkish gangs.