Head of the public organization “in the name of Hadrut” Levon Hayiryan told reporters that government members on international platforms call the deported from Artsakh refugees, but inside the country they avoid this wording. “They call us internally displaced people. In other words, is Hadrut a part of Armenia? If so, let the RA declare that Hadrut is part of Armenia, at least occupied, or declare that Artsakh is independent. After all, we were not brought by planes or trains, we left because of the shelling. I think there are no problems to give us refugee status. Illegally, they were able to give Hadrut, but they cannot grant refugee status to the community, for some reason it is difficult. But when the authorities meet with international structures, we are called refugees. If you call us refugees abroad, what prevents them from adopting a law on refugees?”, – said Hayiryan.