The Ankara branch of the Chamber of Architects appealed to the judicial system regarding the construction of the historic Ulus quarter in the center of Ankara on the Armenian Catholic cemeteries. According to the chamber, the court canceled the licenses of the temporary structure. Assessing the decision, the chairman of the Ankara branch of the Chamber of Architects Tezjan Karakush Jandan said: “From all scientific sources, like the Armenian Catholic cemetery, it is unacceptable to build any store in a well-known place. Human bones were found here. We filed a lawsuit against the illegal construction of a store in the Armenian cemetery, which is an important indicator of our brotherhood and a witness to our life together, as a result of which the court revoked the permission for the construction of the store and the decisions of the council, which in all respects was illegal. Of course, the decision is pleasing from the point of view of public interest, but the historical cemetery has already been destroyed. According to this decision, all the perpetrators must be punished.” This is a special Turkish style of work, the purpose of which is to eliminate the Armenian trace, and then initiate legal cases that have lasted for decades.