The village of Jivrak in Nazimye province of Dersim province of Western Armenia is one of the most affected by the massacre in Dersim in 1938. Here, after the massacre in Dersim, the policy of assimilation of the state was implemented, but the peasants continued to return to Dzhyvrak. The association “Village of Jivrak Nazimye” organized an event in which numerous citizens and political figures took part. Deputy from Dersim Alijan Onlu, stressing that they were killed on their own land, noted the following: “There was a massacre in this village, but then the village recreated its values. In this village, the Alevi faith is professed, and where one faith prevails, it is impossible to impose another”. The Mayor of Dersim also spoke, who, in particular, said that there are many people who have concerns about returning, but they have no other choice but to return to their native land. According to him, every Dersimetsi is responsible for their land and values.