The work on opening for visitors one of the sights of Western Armenia, the ancient fortress of the city of Harran (Kharran), which is on the experimental UNESCO World Heritage List, continues. This structure is considered the largest monumental castle in the Middle East, which is likely to open next year. The head of the excavation of the ruins of Kharran, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Onal said that the excavations have been going on for 9 years. Noting that the Harran Palace is still closed to visitors, Professor Onal continued: “At the moment, visitors cannot see this magnificent palace. In parallel with the excavations, restoration work continues. A wooden bridge should be built, thanks to which visitors will be able to see it. This castle is also very important from the point of view of medieval history. We hope to find the ruins of a temple called Sin or Sabi, as well as discover the entire palace and its halls.”