The book, compiled and published in three languages by the Association “Preservation of Cultural and Natural Heritage” (DLVD) of Tigranakert, is entitled “changed places and stories of the  quarter of Tigranakert: a Journey of Memory”. The main theme of the book is the Sur quarter of Tigranakert, which in fact is exactly Tigranakert. In this area, you can find the millennial history of the city and traces of the civilizations adopted here. The authors of the book used written sources, as well as eyewitness materials. Mehmet Merjan, Mkrtich Margosyan, Mariam Bashak, Musa Tutka, Silva Ozierli, Truman Shakarner, Halit Otuk-excerpts from these and other authors about various districts of the city, everyday life, and people enrich the book even more. And photos of places that are still standing, changed, or no longer there, more clearly represent Sur. The book was created with the assistance of the European Union as part of the grant program of the Hrant Dink Foundation for strengthening civil society. You can also find the book online.