Due to coal-fired power plants, the territory of Marash in Western Armenia is exposed to air and water pollution and land loss. The collection of signatures for the closure of power plants has begun. Over the past 3 years, the level of air pollution in Marash has been four times higher than the indicator set by the World Health Organization. Considering that the city has been struggling with an environmental disaster for 38 years, Greenpeace initiated the collection of signatures under the slogan “Let Marash breathe”. The campaign, signed by tens of thousands, briefly states: “Studies show that during the period after the opening of the Afshin power plant, the incidence of cancer has increased significantly, 17,000  deaths have been registered. Power plants consume a large amount of water, polluted water discharged from Afshin power plant flows into the Jeyhan River”. Western Armenia once again appeals to the international community, drawing attention to this problem. Environmental disasters after the occupation of the lands of Western Armenia follow each other, and this is another difficult case.