On August 16, 1960, after many years of British colonization, the Republic of Cyprus was proclaimed, with Archbishop Makarii as president and the head of the Turkish minority community Fazil Kucuk as vice-president. In the middle of 1973, a situation was created on the island when the “administration of the Turkish community” became a de facto state within the state. On July 20, 1974, the invasion of Cyprus by the Turkish army began, as a result of which the island was divided into two parts-Greek and Turkish. Under the name “Cyprus peace operation”, Turkey occupied about 37% of the island’s territory, where in 1983 Ankara created an artificial state entity “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus”, recognized so far only by Ankara. After the occupation of Northern Cyprus, the Turks destroyed cultural heritage, including a number of Armenian cultural monuments. In particular, the Makaravank in the northern part of Cyprus was completely destroyed. The Cyprus problem still remains unresolved, attempts at a peaceful settlement of the problem and the reunification of the two parts of the island have not led to any result.