Deputy Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of the Republic of Armenia Artur Martirosyan received representatives of the Aznavour Foundation headed by the Director of the Foundation Christina Aznavour (Sargsyan). The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the 100th anniversary of Charles Aznavour (2024), the program of dedicated events, and ways of cooperation. According to Christina Aznavour, the French side is at the stage of preparatory work, until 2024 a monument to Charles Aznavour will be erected in France, the project of which is ready, it is planned to hold a large-scale concert, open an exhibition dedicated to the life of Aznavour. The issue of installing a monument to Aznavour in Armenia is being discussed with the Yerevan Municipality. The director of the Aznavour Foundation proposed to hold all events in parallel with France, including the installation of the monument. Artur Martirosyan stated with joy that the Armenian side will be happy to cooperate with the foundation in the implementation of the program of events, and the anniversary of the world-famous chansonnier in Armenia will be celebrated as vividly as in France.