“As the Mayor of Glendale, I decided to establish a symbolic link between Glendale and the city of Martuni in the Republic of Artsakh. When I took office as mayor in April, I received a letter in which the mayor of Martuni proposed to approve the status of twin cities. I presented the proposal at the meeting of the political council, and I hope that it will be approved before October,” Glendale Mayor Artashes Kasakhyan said in an exclusive interview with Asparez. “Not a week goes by without rumors that Turkish-Azerbaijani forces have attacked peaceful Armenian settlements of Artsakh. Several doctors from Glendale were on the front line during the war and provided first aid to our soldiers,” Kasakhyan notes.

He informs that he, as mayor, decided to contribute to Artsakh with the confirmation of the status of twin cities between Glendale and Martuni. “This step shows that we have such relations not only with those cities that are located on the borders of Armenia, but also with Artsakh, which I myself consider part of Armenia, the lands of our ancestors and their heritage, there is no doubt that Artsakh is an Armenian land, and Martuni is an Armenian city that had, has and it should have an Armenian population,” he said.