Ancient quarters is one of the villages with a great Armenian history and cultural heritage, as evidenced by the monuments preserved in the village and its surroundings. It is known that some of the residents of the old quarters emigrated here from the villages of Khoy and Salmast in Persian Armenia in 1829. During the Soviet period, after the annexation of Artsakh to Soviet Azerbaijan, Hin Tagher was located in the Hadrut region of the NKAO. In 1974, there were 350 Armenian residents in the village, and in 1980  there were 255 residents. In 1988, a self-defense detachment (commander H. Amiryan) was formed in Hin Tager, which since July 1991 was called “Vrizharu”. The detachment was replenished with volunteers from the villages of Arevshat and Khandzadzor occupied at that time. As a result of the Third Artsakh War in 2020, the Hin Tagher was occupied by Azerbaijan.