Four theater figures from Shushi founded a theater and performed in Armenia and Artsakh with a kind of shadow play. At the same time, in order to take care of their social problems, they are engaged in beekeeping, which, in addition to small business, is psychological therapy. They lost their home, their place, and their job, but they did not lose faith and cheerfulness, they found the strength to start everything from scratch. After moving to Armenia, several theatrical figures from Shushi decided to continue their favorite business, but to do it not in one of the theaters, but to create their own. So the “House of Fairy Tales”, founded in Shushi, received a second life, but this time on wheels as a traveling theater. This story was started by 4 people: director Hayk Papyan, artist Artak Poghosyan and actors Nver Karabekyan and Gayane Arushanyan. They made wooden dolls with their own hands and staged a performance of shadows based on the work of Hovhannes Tumanyan “A drop of honey”. The choice of the work was also not accidental․ Tumanyan’s drop of honey caused a great struggle, but in this performance, the bee finds a drop of hope from the ruins, which becomes the beginning of a new life.