On July 27, 2022, a regular session of the National Assembly of Western Armenia was held, which was attended by deputies from different countries of the world. The meeting was chaired by NA President Nelly Harutyunyan. After the opening speech, Ms. Harutyunyan, according to the agenda, gave the floor to the President of Western Armenia Armenag Aprahamian, who presented the work of the expert commission of indigenous peoples held at the United Nations. Mr. Aprahamian spoke about the work of the group, especially about his speech and that the legal package presented by Western Armenia has already been posted on the United Nations website. Then Foreign Minister of Western Armenia Lidiya Margosian also made a speech. The latter presented her speeches and touched upon their importance for the rights of indigenous peoples. In conclusion, Mr. Aprahamian and Ms. Margosian answered a number of questions of concern to the deputies. As always, the meeting ended with the adoption of the agenda of the next meeting.