Due to the blockade of Artsakh by Azerbaijan, 96,000 hectares of land will not receive enough water. The President of Artsakh, Araik Harutyunyan, in his speech on February 23, opened some brackets regarding the energy crisis in Artsakh and the water resources of Sarsang. We present several facts and focus on them. “By completely interrupting the electricity supply from Armenia since January 9, as well as periodically interrupting the gas supply throughout the blockade, the Azerbaijani side has deliberately caused the energy crisis as the main pressure tactic. 

Since then, we have shifted to crisis management of the energy system, using the local hydroelectric power plants at full capacity. Meanwhile, the water resources of the Sarsang reservoir have been severely depleted, as we have released much more water resources than those entering the Sarsang for the operation of our main hydropower plant. 

Now the situation is already critical, which means that in a short time we will have an extreme shortage of water resources needed for power generation, with all the consequences that come with it.”

Condemning Azerbaijan’s racist actions, Western Armenia at the same time stresses that the Republic of Armenia must continue to fulfill its obligations to Artsakh, continuing to provide electricity, gas, etc. Under no circumstances should the supply of these basic necessities be allowed to remain on the Azerbaijani side, as this would lead to dependence and further repression