Western Armenia TV presents the report filmed in the house-museum of the son of Western Armenia Yeghishe Charents, where details related to his life and activities are presented. Yeghishe Charents, born in Kars, often referred to Western Armenia and his hometown in his works. Charents received his primary education at the Jambazyan School. From 1908-1912 the young Yeghishe studied at the real school of Kars. Although Kars is a small provincial town, the literary and social life there is quite lively, which is reflected in the presence of bookstores, libraries, printing houses and a large number of educational institutions. One of the friends recalls a characteristic episode about Charents. “… The father, Abgar Agha, had given money for Yeghishe to buy shoes, and his son, without much thought, came home with this money and books.

“To, did you eat your mind with your bread? ” the father was angry. “Are you going to come barefoot? Yeghishe did not say a word, but later, when we left and on the way home, he said on the way. “It is better to be barefoot than to lose your head.”

One day, Charents met Alexander Ter-Yesayan, the manager of one of the bookstores, near one of the printers in the city, and said, “I brought my poems to print.” The boy’s bold intervention intrigued the bookseller, and he took the manuscript, read it and was astonished. Thanks to his mediation, in 1914 the collection of poems “Three Songs to a Sad Girl” dedicated to Astghik Ghondakhchyan of the young Charents is published (Astghik was a 5th grade student of the female gymnasium of Kars, with whom the young Yeghishe was in love).