The geographical names of Western Armenia are continuously turquified. The most dangerous is the elimination of the names “Hayk”, “Haystan”, “Armenian Highlands” from Turkish and other (Armenian) maps, historical and geographical literature. Instead, the name “Eastern Anatolia” is widely used.

Unfortunately, the “cartographic war” declared on Armenian geographical names became an integral part of Panturkism. Until the end of the 19th century, they accepted the existence of the Armenian world and on the maps published by them “Armenia” was written instead of Western Armenia. In the 20th century, especially after the genocide, the word Armenian was completely erased and the country was named Eastern Anatolia. It is wrong to give a scientific justification to the opinion accepted by the ignorant population, because from the point of view of natural conditions, Anatolia (the plateau of Asia Minor) has nothing to do with the Armenian highlands or Armenia to the east of it. The names “Armenia”, “Armenian Highlands”, “Armenian Plateau” have never been associated with the names “Anatolia” or “Asia Minor” by famous national and foreign geographers.

Back in 1979 Armenian geologist Levon Zohrabyan wrote in his seminal work “Altography of the Armenian Highlands” that “the Armenian Highlands or a part of them never entered and do not enter Anatolia”.

Moreover, today, some exiled Armenian historians, even Armenian analysts and diplomats, in the Republic of Armenia in Artsakh and in the diaspora, use the false and artificial term “Eastern Anatolia” instead of Western Armenia. It is the professional, civil and moral duty of geographers, historians, ethnographers, diplomats, political scientists and other Armenians to counterattack with dignity those who falsify the names of places considered as our civilizational and cultural values and their sponsors.

Author: Candidate of Geographical Sciences, Professor Yurik Muradyan.