Lawyer Baresh Yildirim filed a lawsuit on behalf of the local population against the chrome mining project in the Mndzur Valley of Dersim Province in Western Armenia. The lawsuit forces the mining company to stop its activities and cancel the project. On this occasion, the lawyer said: “We will not allow any mining projects to be implemented in this region, especially in the Mndzur basin.

It should be noted that the mining company “Dosteli” plans to:

Export chromium to the territory of Kyzylchayer settlement in the Mndzur valley, which may be dangerous, especially for the animal world.

In the project submitted to the Department of Environmental Impact Assessment of Mines, the Veronshi organization presented a misleading report on the types of animals in the disputed area. In particular, instead of endemic animals listed in the Red Book or under protection, incomparably more animals and non-endangered species were mentioned. This allows the miner to operate freely in the given area.

Lawyer Yıldırım, stressing that he will not allow the implementation of the project under any circumstances, again, on behalf of the people and himself, said that he will follow the course of the case until the end of the trial.

Western Armenia records another case of overexploitation of our soil, which can cause great damage to nature and endemic animal and plant species of the given region. By keeping the territories of Western Armenia under occupation, the Turkish rulers carry out a number of illegal actions that lead to the enrichment of certain branches of the government and the enrichment of our territories.

The Government of Western Armenia will propose a bill to the Parliament of Western Armenia to classify the Munzur region and the Anahit spring as a nature reserve.