At the initiative of the Armenian delegation to the OSCE, on March 2, the issue of “the decision of the International Court of Justice on the Berdzor corridor” was put on the agenda of the OSCE Permanent Council session, during which delegations from many countries made speeches stressing the absolute necessity of implementing the Court’s decision.

As the message issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of RA, at the session, the permanent representative of RA Armen Papikyan carefully referred to the decision taken by the International Court of Justice, by which the court declared that it exists within the framework of the international convention on the “elimination of all forms of racial discrimination. Imminent threat of irreparable harm to the rights of Armenians and forced Azerbaijan to take all necessary measures to ensure uninterrupted movement of people, vehicles and goods in both directions through the Berdzor corridor.

The ambassador stressed that the urgent measures of the International Court of Justice are legally binding, but so far Azerbaijan has not stopped the blockade of the Berdzor corridor.