As reported by some Turkish-language media, the situation in the occupied city of Antioch in Western Armenia remains uncertain and unstable almost a month after the earthquake. The residents of the city who were heavily affected by the earthquake need the help of the state. People who lost their loved ones and homes are desperately rushing here and there to find the help they deserve, but they are unable to use it. In particular, the lack of tents is having a very drastic impact, especially on families where there are sick members and children. A number of residents also complain about the lack of food or its unavailability. As one of the residents says, “There is no water, no tent, no state here, everyone has abandoned us, we are left to the whims of luck.” According to another resident, “Nothing has changed since the first day of the earthquake, the residents are rebelling against the Turkish government and there will be no question of participating in the next elections. The world has not forgotten us, but shame on the leaders of our country for forgetting us so quickly and turning to politics.”

Western Armenia is asking the international community to either help the residents of the occupied territories of Western Armenia who are in a desperate situation due to the earthquake, or to rein in the Turkish authorities and give the leaders of Western Armenia the opportunity to provide the help it deserves with the participation of international forces. 

Today, Western Armenia does not have the possibility to act properly on the ground due to the occupation of its territory by the Turkish authorities, yet the situation is critical and time is running out.