The name of Samosat province in Western Armenia has started to be discussed more actively in Armenian media recently, in connection with the departure of Armenian rescuers there after the devastating earthquake. 

As we know, the latter was working in Adiyaman itself. After the powerful earthquake of February 6, 2023, however, the history of the old Adiyaman came to an end. The largely destroyed Adyaman will not be restored to the same location, but the city will be moved to another location nearby and rebuilt from scratch. The land will be leveled and the local Assyrian church, which also served the Armenian community, will be rebuilt. 

According to experts, it is impossible to repair the church. Two of the Christian Armenians in Adyaman province died in the devastating earthquake, the casualties of the Islamic Armenian families are several times more. Of course, calculating the losses of Islamized Armenians is difficult in practice, as they are not counted by the state as part of the Armenian community, and data on their losses is missing from the lists of the Armenian Patriarchate in Constantinople. 

According to a Kahta city official, 5,000 to 8,000 Armenians live in the Kahta area alone. A few days after the earthquake, Armenian Mejlis deputy Karo Paylan told Armenian media in Constantinople that about 80% of the population of Adyaman had already left the city, while others were waiting for the bodies of their relatives to leave the city as soon as they were buried. According to Paylan, it is almost impossible for people to stay there because of the lack of housing and the lack of necessary tents. According to the residents of Adyaman, search and rescue operations in the town only began on the third day, when the chances of survival for many people left under the rubble were already very low.

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