The monastery “The Okht Gate” is located 3.5 km northwest of the village of Mokhrenes in Hadrut, on the slope of the Yughusen mountain, near the Gtich fortress, in the historical province of Artsakh called Vostan or Mys Haband in Sisakan. Now it is occupied by the Baku authorities. The monastery is located at an altitude of 1451 m above sea level, at the forested top of the mountain, in a difficult to access area.

Historical sources do not provide information about the complex and the partially preserved church. According to tradition, the church of Okht Gate was built by the sister of the seven brothers who died for the defense of the homeland, whose grave is located in the courtyard of the monastery, called “sister’s grave” and was a famous place of pilgrimage.

Before the third Artsakh war, the church was in a semi-ruined state. In the autumn of 2020, after the occupation of the Hadrut region by the Baku troops, the enemy rolled the khachkar placed at the entrance of the church to the ground. There is no further information about the current state.

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