Davit Babayan, advisor to the President of the Republic of Armenia, writes: “In the end, the society should understand, have a good idea of the situation, what kind of mission it should carry out. There is no people in Artsakh who consider themselves part of Azerbaijan. One, two, three people, let’s say, naive, sold, bought, may be in each society, but the general mass, of course, does not consider itself as part of Azerbaijan, it will be just a pity. If someone raises the issue of integration with Azerbaijan and makes it a point of his national political program, I think it will be at best a suicide.

They are firm in Artsakh. Yes, maybe, it is a very difficult path, but if we stick to our ideas, if we have a strong faith in God, everything will be fine.”

Western Armenia continues to protect the rights of the natives of Artsakh, while recalling that Artsakh is a part of the state of Armenia and any encroachment of Azerbaijan on our borders is considered a violation of the integrity of the borders of the recognized state.

It is a pity that the Artsakh authorities do not take into account this dimension also for Western Armenia.