The Armenian nation, which has a history of thousands of years, has created its own unique culture and has its own system of national celebration, and does not need to adapt to foreign holidays. 

The 19th day of the month of Areg was called ANAHIT by the Haigean book and was celebrated as a celebration of the goddess of motherhood and fertility Anahit (the 19th day of the Sun is related to degrees). 

To make it correspond to the Gregorian calendar (current), we must count 19 days from March 21. So April 8. So where does the 7th of April come from? The new year, depending on the precession of the globe, the vernal equinox, took place on March 20 in ancient times, from which counting 19 days, the new calendar gives April 7 (this is natural). 

This year, the equinox (intersection of the center of the Sun with the line of the equator) will be on March 21, at 01:58 (+4) Armenian time, so the day 《Anahit》, that is, the 19th day corresponds to April 8.

Dear Armenian women, cosmologically, your holiday is April 8. This day will be more conducive to spiritual impulses going to the universe.

And we love and accept you in all seasons of the year, on all days of the month and at all hours of the day.