EU special envoy for the South Caucasus Toivo Klaar said in a conversation with Azerbaijani agency APA: “First of all, I think that the idea of ensuring transparency of transport on the Berdzor road is completely legal. Because we do not want the Berdzor road to be used for goods that increase tension, and to be used for military or illegal purposes.” According to the diplomat, the means to ensure “this transparency” are being negotiated and discussed. According to his information, some steps have been “discussed in the past,” he noted. “For example, having additional equipment at the checkpoint so that the Russians can better control traffic in the region,” Klaar said, adding that at the same time, “it is important for Artsakh Armenians to have an idea of the possibility of safe travel.”

The EU special representative also stressed the importance of holding another meeting between the leaders of the Republic of Armenia and Azerbaijan.

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