Regarding the situation after the earthquakes, Perch Kartun, the head of the Armenian village of Vaghfl in Western Armenia, said: “Especially in the last, third earthquake, our houses were severely destroyed. We have a population of 35 houses, about 130 inhabitants. Immediately after the earthquake, about 30 people were transported to Constantinople by the bus sent by Patriarch Mashalyan. 20 people went to Alexandrette, to their relatives. Most of them suffered from mental disorders. The fact that there were no tents to stay here from the beginning made life here very difficult.

Later it turned out that the church was completely ruined. We currently have about 25 tents wherever we stay. Help is coming from everywhere. We are very grateful to the benefactors. We are waiting for the rest of the state. How will the destroyed houses be restored? With the financial support of the state or by other means? We must do everything to prevent people from leaving this village. To do this, we must first solve the housing problem. The population of the village has decreased to 120 people. We do not want to lose this number either. We are making efforts, looking for solutions to keep the Armenian village standing. We ask for the support of every visitor to preserve the village.”

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