The new road connecting Artsakh to Syunik will not pass through the village of Kornidzor, although villagers organized a petition last fall and asked the government to build the road through their community instead of the fields adjacent to the village. According to Davit Ghulunts, the mayor of the municipality, he suggested to the minister that the section from the road halfway to Kornidzor to the village be paved.

After the 44-day war of 2020, according to the announcement of November 9, within three years, the project of the new corridor route connecting Artsakh to Syunik region  should be approved. However, Azerbaijan has already announced the completion of the construction of its part of the route in the summer of last year. The Armenian side started the construction last August.

In the context of the closed corridor connecting Artsakh and Syunik, the enthusiasm for the active construction work in Kornidzor is gradually fading. The villagers living a few hundred meters from the Azerbaijani strongholds have almost no expectations of peace. The population is disappointed and disillusioned. “They came and deceived people, they despised us,” says the resident of Kornidzor.

The villagers even tried to protest against the government’s decision, but instead the police came to the village.

The situation is so catastrophic that some villagers consider the occupation of Artsakh by the Azeri authorities as an enthusiastic development plan.

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