Dr. Albert Abelian was born in Kessab on November 4, 1893, into a family of physicians.

He received his primary and secondary education in Kessab and then his higher education at Ayntap Central College. He studied medicine at the American University of Beirut Medical School and graduated in 1917.

Soon he was enlisted in the Ottoman army with the rank of non-commissioned officer and served in Nablus on the Palestinian front. After the war, the Kessab emigrants from Homs and Jisr Shughur were transferred to Kessab. In 1920, he immigrated to the United States of America and settled in Boston, Massachusetts, where he worked as a pediatrician in his private clinic and in various hospitals.

Dr. Abelian, aware of the Armenian Genocide and the resulting numerical dilution of the Armenian people and the physical and mental morbidity, decided to use his scientific and medical mind for the benefit of the Armenian people, and in particular, for the development, growth and empowerment of the new generation of Armenians. In his medical field, he tried to reflect his Armenianness by writing Armenian medical books, which were a source of medical knowledge. He entered the medical literature in Armenian and did so with great pleasure, as the duty of an Armenian doctor to his relatives.

Dr. A. Abelian published a number of medical and health books and articles in Armenian. In 1960, he wrote his last book, “The Antiochians” in English.

Dr. Albert Abelian died in Boston on November 14, 1986.