In response to the proposal of the Office of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan to organize a meeting between the representatives of Azerbaijan and Artsakh, we inform you that the Republic of Artsakh maintains its previously expressed position that such meetings can be held with the mediation of Russian peacekeepers, at the same place as last year, on March 1, on humanitarian, infrastructural, technical issues, without their unnecessary politicization.

At the same time, we inform you that the closure of the Berdzor road and the continuation of the humanitarian crisis are unacceptable and do not contribute to the formation of a favorable climate for negotiations. We are convinced that Azerbaijan should properly implement both the obligations assumed by the tripartite declaration of November 9, 2020, as well as the requirements of the decision of the International Court of Justice, refraining from the use of force or threat of force and unilateral and extremist approaches.

Regarding the political issues of the settlement of the Azerbaijani-Artsakh conflict, let’s recall that Artsakh is engaged in the negotiations aimed at the comprehensive settlement of the conflict, which should be held in an internationally recognized and approved format, under the conditions of the presence of international guarantees of equal rights of the parties and compliance with the assumed obligations.

Western Armenia should participate in the negotiation processes taking place in Artsakh, as since 1920 Artsakh has been recognized as an inseparable part of the common state of Armenia. Western Armenia does not take into account the tripartite declaration of November 9, because the leaders of the Republic of Western Armenia are not part of this declaration. As for the humanitarian crisis, it should be recalled that Western Armenia, being a supporter of international law, has repeatedly defended the rights not only of the whole of Armenia, but also the rights of the refugees from Artsakh by filing lawsuits against Azerbaijan. Western Armenia condemns the actions of the Azerbaijani aggressor, which lead to a deadlock.