First of all, I would like to pay tribute to the work of the deputies and senators who courageously voted for the French resolution. Indeed, Mrs. Deputy, as you mentioned in your speech in the National Assembly, there is still a desire to erase the Armenian nation, the cradle of civilisation.

You have understood the full extent of what is taking place before our eyes on the territory of Armenia, which is a war of annihilation against the Armenian nation.

This war and this blockade are more precisely part of different genocidal programs that began in 1894. 

First of all, the programme of oppression of our people in occupied Western Armenia and the programme of wars of annihilation in successive phases against the indigenous people of Western Armenia for more than 100 years and now the Azerbaijani blockade against the indigenous people of Artsakh.

But the Armenians are determined to resist oppression and annihilation, just as they did during the last two world wars, when 500,000 of their sons died for freedom.

Among them is Missak Manouchian, born in Adiyaman in western Armenia, for whom a symposium was organized in Paris on 18 February as part of his pantheonisation.

Mr Manoukian was a son of Western Armenia, animated by this spirit of resistance, born of his experience of the genocide, who wanted to liberate France.

The question of the occupation from which France had freed itself was still on the agenda of West Armenia, a state recognised in 1920.

In this context, no lasting peace solution can be found for the Republic of Armenia (Eastern), Artsakh and Western Armenia without taking into account the rights acquired by Armenia in 1920.

This war of annihilation of the Armenian nation had in reality no other purpose than to prevent the establishment of the Armenian state recognised in 1920, namely Western Armenia.

Peace in this region of the world must be achieved by respecting international commitments and signatures.

I would like to once again express my gratitude to all the local authorities who honor the memory of the sons of Western Armenia and work for the dignity of a restored humanity.

On behalf of the Republic of Western Armenia, I would like to confer the title of Honorary Citizen of Western Armenia on Mrs Alexandra Martin, Member of Parliament. 

Lydia Margossian

Vice President of ANACAS – Association of Armenian Veterans and Sympathizers 

Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Western Armenia

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