The disaster area of Western Armenia, affected by the earthquake, appeared again in the whirlwind of torrential rains. As a result of heavy rains, the tented areas were flooded with muddy water. Residents affected by the earthquake are still suffering from flooding. 13 people died in Hasanmsur (Adiyaman) and 2 people died in Urfa. Some areas of Malatya, a number of streets in Kharberd, a tent settlement established in Afshin district in Marash, a number of tent areas in Hatay were flooded with rainwater and lakes formed in a number of streets. As a result of the floods, cultivated agricultural land was also submerged. Many cars were submerged under water. Residents are unable to use their tents.

The Government of Western Armenia draws the attention of the international community to the inaction of the Turkish authorities in providing adequate assistance to the indigenous peoples living in their own territory, disregarding their fundamental rights, and demands the active intervention of the States that signed the Treaty of Sevres to restore the legal foundations of the Republic of Western Armenia, so that the indigenous peoples are protected by their own State.

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