Residents of the village of Gorelovka in Javakhk,  Ninotsminda district, no longer believe  that there will ever be natural gas in their homes. The villagers, the gas distribution company SJGC and the Ninotsminda municipality are interested in the availability of natural gas in Gorelovka, but despite this, there are still no concrete results.

The villagers are even ready to build the main gas pipeline with their own funds, only if they have natural gas. They already have enough firewood and atar.

It is very difficult to find out why the gas was not brought to Gorelovka, as the reasons remain unexplained. Ninotsminda municipality spent the 600 000 lari allocated for gasification last year on other works.

The question of gasification of the village remains open, because the existence of the gasification project gives hope, but the lack of a final decision and concrete measures disappoints the population.

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