Azerbaijani Prime Minister Ali Asadov made another provocative statement regarding the “Syunik Corridor”.

As APA informs, Asadov presented the 2022 plan to the parliament. The report on the activities of the government announced “the great importance of the opening of international and regional transport logistics corridors, in particular the “Syunik corridor”.

“The government of Baku continues to work on the creation of the necessary infrastructure in the Syunik corridor. The construction of the Horadiz-Aghbend railway has reached 38% and the construction of the Horadiz-Jabrayil-Zangilan-Aghbend highway has reached 74%. The construction of both roads will be completed in 2024,” Asadov said.

Let’s remember that the term “Syunik Corridor” refers to the territorial ambitions towards Armenia.

Ali Asadov’s dreams are very important for the government of Western Armenia, except that the concept of corridor does not exist in international law, nor does the concept of “territory or genocide”. The Azerbaijani government will be held responsible for the genocide of Armenians from 1920 until today and for the destruction of the Armenian heritage.