More than a month has passed since the earthquakes that took place in Western Armenia, which significantly affected the city of Hatay and almost turned into an uninhabited place. Most of the city’s inhabitants, having moved to rural areas, are trying to lick their wounds. The reaction of the Turkish government, which left the people without any help on the first day of the earthquake, does not subside. The Turkish government, which sentenced people to death under the rubble, is still forcing people to migrate without providing humanitarian aid. Despite all the difficulties, the tens of thousands of people remaining in the city seem determined not to leave their homes. The messages of the Turkish government and its subordinate institutions, “Turkey is leaving” and “Together we will heal our wounds” are only empty words for the people of Hatay, because the fact that the Turkish government left the people alone at the beginning remains vivid in everyone’s memory.

All the problems of hygiene, water and community remain in Hatay. In some parts of the city, there are mobile sanitary units installed by Constantinople and other municipalities, but they are insufficient. In the city, where garbage collection work continues, without taking the necessary precautions, the danger to health from epidemics and asbestos is increasing.

According to the citizens, the government’s assistance after the earthquake is also insufficient. “More than a month has passed since the earthquake and I bought a tent three days ago. This government has been collecting taxes from us for years, but in this difficult time, no one, except for volunteers, has come to help us. “What kind of government is this, that after collecting taxes from us, they sell us tents?”, asked one of the citizens.

Immediately after the catastrophic earthquake and until now, the leaders of Western Armenia are concerned with the fate of its homeless citizens and, as we have already reported on our state television, are eager to provide them with humanitarian assistance and urge the natives not to leave their living spaces. We are sure that in the near future the occupying forces in Western Armenia will leave our territories and the legitimate authorities will organize the rehabilitation of the disaster area and the housing and other humanitarian problems of the affected population