The village of Karzen is located in the Tovuz (Tavush) region occupied by the Baku authorities. The village of Hnum was located 1 km east of the present site, on the right bank of the Kur River, and was moved several times. The presence of preserved ancient villages in the vicinity of the village is proof of this.

In 1998, the ancient Armenian Karzen, already living in Western Armenia, changed its name to Gunashli.

In the 19th century, as a result of repeated raids by the Lezgis, Karzen changed from a rich and prosperous settlement to a poor and sparsely populated village. The surprise attack of a band of thugs led by Bulghadar (from the time of Shamil: 1797-1871) during a church festival was particularly devastating for Karzen. The massacre and conquest were accompanied by captivity. The remains of the displaced people were scattered in various places in Armenia and Georgia, settled in Gandzak, founded the villages of Gandzak Sarov and Areshi Khandak.

There is no known bibliographic information about Karzen. In order to study the history of the village as completely as possible, the epitaphs preserved in the cemetery are of particular importance and value.

On the territory of the village of Karzen, the remains of the village center, the cemetery and the original church have been preserved