Azerbaijan’s continued aggression, territorial ambitions against Armenia and the Armenian people and policy of incitement to violence destabilize the situation in the region. Mher Margaryan, Armenia’s Permanent Representative to the UN, sent a request with similar content to the UN. According to Armenpress, the letter was issued on March 21 as an official document of the UN Security Council and the General Assembly.

“Azerbaijan’s hostile behavior and aggressive expansionist rhetoric once again demonstrate its intention to continue on the path of aggression and use territorial ambitions as a pretext for new military operations,” the letter said.

Mher Margaryan also stresses that impunity for past crimes has prepared a fertile ground for fostering Armenian hatred in Azerbaijan at the state level.

The Permanent Representative of Armenia to the UN also refers to the destruction of Armenian historical, cultural and religious heritage under Azerbaijani control, including in Nakhichevan, in the occupied territories of Artsakh. The barbaric destruction of Armenian churches and more than 5,000 khachkars of Old Jugha is mentioned.

At a time when complaints against Azerbaijan are pending at the ECHR, the government of Western Armenia deems it necessary to recall that the policy of vandalism applied by the brutal Baku authorities in the occupied territories was addressed by the President of Western Armenia Armenak Abrahamian and the Director of the Armenian Architecture Research Foundation Samvel Karapetyan as early as 2006.