Azerbaijanis open irregular fire from a distance at people doing agricultural work, which is not the first time. Vladik Hovhannisyan, the mayor of the town of Chartar in the Martuni region, told about it.

Earlier, the police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan reported that on the morning of March 22, 7 residents of Chartar were shot at by the Azerbaijani armed forces while they were doing agricultural work in the vineyards located in the area called “Klazin Dzor” in the administrative zone of the city of Chartar.

“They shoot irregularly at the workers from a distance, they do not let us work. The spring work has begun, the residents are working in the gardens, and the Azerbaijanis do not let them do their work. “This is not the first time that Azerbaijanis open fire on citizens working in our territory,” said the mayor of Chartar.