We are very concerned about the recent bilateral so-called integration statements, with which you think they want to reconcile people with the idea that Azerbaijan has occupied the territory of Artsakh. In other words, pure treason has been committed against the Constitution of Artsakh, because there are people sworn to this Constitution who are obliged to protect the constitutional order. Integration is excluded, because we know Azeri, Turkish writing for integration, it is the policy of scaring Armenians with state terror and leading them to assimilation. We call on the governments of RA and Artsakh to remain firm in their positions of protecting the interests of the Armenian people, not to back down from national interests,” said Ashot Harutyunyan, one of the participants in the demonstration in front of the RA government, the chairman of the Patriotic Union of “Shushi”.

According to him, by integration, Azerbaijan means to compel Armenians by force.

  “A person must be sick to stand up and say that his homeland is Azerbaijan”, he said.