On March 23, Artsakh human rights defender Gegham Stepanyan, referring to the violations of individual and collective human rights by the Baku authorities during the 100 days of blockade, noted: “Due to the blockade, only during extremely severe periods that whenever there is an opportunity to negotiate with the Red Cross is created to transfer them to different medical institutions of RA. Especially during this period, we also have to deal with the organization of medical care in hospitals, which is very often paralyzed due to disruptions in gas and electricity supply.”

Referring to the right to food, he briefly presented that the population of the Republic of Artsakh continues to receive certain types of food in a limited volume in accordance with the regulations introduced by the government, but they have to queue very often to buy certain food. Along with the blockade, the Baku authorities have regularly interrupted the gas supply.

“During the 100 days of the blockade, 50% of private sector workers, or about 9,800 people, lost their jobs and 782 business entities, or about 20%, officially ceased operations. Problems related to heating have long led to violations of the right to education of Artsakh children.

In general, it can be said that this situation has a rather negative impact on children’s attention and receptiveness, jeopardizing the proper realization of children’s right to long-term development. The humanitarian crisis created, first of all, creates the most serious problems for the vulnerable groups: children, disabled people, elderly people, women, girls and our displaced population”, concluded Gegham Stepanyan.

The government of Western Armenia has repeatedly raised the situation in Artsakh on different occasions and in different forums, from meetings with the deputies of France and the European Union to the referral to the European Court of Human Rights. It should be noted that the Turkish-Azerbaijani way of operating remains the same, it is the same genocidal and tyrannical policy that they have adopted for centuries and that they continue with impunity to this day. However, everything has an end and the end of the anti-Armenian tandem is also near.