Environmentalist Radvan Ayhan said that due to the irresponsibility of Turkish authorities, oil has spilled into the Batman River, a tributary of the Tigris River, and noted that “the authorities should stop taking wrong measures.”

  On March 13, an oil spill occurred from a pipeline owned by the Petroleum Transport Corporation with Pipelines (BOTAŞ), which crosses the Batman River. The spill occurred in an area near natural springs. The company informed that the pipe crossing the river will be repaired, but the repair process has not yet begun.

Noting that the oil poses a threat to people and animals, Ayhan said that the whole region is facing the threat of a new massacre of nature. According to the environmentalist, there has been a big leak here. The oil mixed with water is flowing on the territory of the historical town of Hasankeyf, which used to appear at the bottom of the reservoir built by decision of Turkish authorities. If the accident is not eliminated urgently, it will be very difficult to clean the reservoir.

The Government and the National Assembly of Western Armenia are constantly working for the preservation of the natural and architectural monuments of Western Armenia and any danger that threatens them, monitoring the material and spiritual cultural values of the Armenian state and reporting the problems, the dangers are established to be forwarded to the competent bodies. Regarding this issue, the Committee on Environmental Affairs of the National Assembly will create a committee in its next session and will present a request against the organization that pollutes the river and its basin with the collected facts.