There are about 15 Armenian churches and monastic complexes in the Martakert region of Artsakh. Gandzasar Monastery, Amenapritch Church and Yeritsmankats Church have been well preserved until today. All other churches were destroyed, and not only by the invaders, but also by the most implacable enemy, time.

In April 2013, the ruins of the Paravadzor Monastery were discovered near the village of Vank. They were found by chance, as the path that once led to the monastery was covered with bushes and century-old trees seemed to protect the monastery from destruction. However, time did not spare the complex and only the walls and khachkars remained, the sculptures were preserved. The Paravadzor complex was built in 1181, “by priests Barsegh and Sargs during the reign of Smbat”. Smbat was probably one of the bishops of the Catholicossate of Aghvank (VII-XIX centuries). Information about this church is scarce, almost nothing except this file.

There were two churches in Paravadzor, one in the 12th-13th century cemetery, the second a few meters from the first. The vestibule, which leads directly to the cemetery, has been preserved. The entrance and the interior of the church are literally lined with khachkars, the oldest dating from 1178. The following numbers can be read on other khachkars: 1180, 1183, 1189, 1195, 1211, 1220, 1221, 1228.