The U.S. State Department at a traditional briefing with journalists informed that Washington has expressed its concern to Baku about the recent Azerbaijani military moves, writes the Voice of America. Answering the reporter’s question in this regard, Vedant Patel, the first deputy spokesman of the US State Department, said:

“Under Secretary Donfrid spoke with Foreign Minister Bayramov and expressed concern about Azerbaijan’s military movements. He underscored the United States’ commitment to the peace negotiations between Armenia and Baku because, as the Secretary of State has repeatedly said, direct dialogue is essential to resolving this issue and achieving a lasting peace. There is no military solution to this conflict, and we will continue to facilitate discussions between the authorities of Armenia and Baku, both bilaterally and with partners and multilateral organizations,” the U.S. Embassy official said. 

The government of West Armenia welcomes such a position of the United States of America and believes that it is more appropriate to resolve the conflict peacefully and not militarily. We would like to remind you that the United States is one of more than twenty states that recognized Armenia, which was reestablished through the efforts of Poghos Nubar one hundred and three years ago, and the 28th President of the United States Woodrow Wilson is the signatory of the Arbitration Award, and it is time to implement this Arbitration Award