Shahumyan region is the administrative territorial unit of the Republic of Artsakh, covering the northern and northwestern part of the country. The administrative center of the district is the city of Karvachar.

Shahumyan region has a centuries-old history and is rich with many historical and cultural monuments. It has been inhabited since ancient times, as evidenced by the ancient monuments found in the area.

Shahumyan is located near the Gulistan village of the district. Amenperkich (Napat) Monastery, 3 km from the village, the half-ruined fortress of Gulistan (18th century), which was once the residence of Gulistan Meliks, castle ruins, residential buildings and a church have been preserved.

In the heart of the city of Shahumyan there was the Astvatsatsin church (17th century), south of the city, the half-destroyed monastery of Tsek Manskunk (17th century), a church (18th century) in Buzlukh, near St. Minas pilgrimage site, ruined church and Martyrs’ chapel in the Armenian Paris, church (18th century) in Verinshen, etc.

The northeastern part of the district has been under the control of the Baku armed forces since 1992. The local Armenian population (about 20,000) have been forcibly cleansed. And the southwestern part (Karvachar) was handed over to the armed forces of the Baku government on November 25, 2020, under the tripartite agreement signed by the Yerevan government.