Due to the complete blockade of Artsakh by the terrorist authorities in Baku, the road connection of the Lisagor community of Shushi region with the capital Stepanakert was cut off, which prevented the specialists of the PB “Water Supply” company from solving the problem of irrigation and drinking water in the village.

In a conversation with the journalist “Artsakhpress”, Gagik Nasibyan, the head of the community of Lisagor, informed that before the closure of the road by the Azeris, large-scale works of irrigation and drinking water supply had been carried out, but since they were not completed, the problem of water remains a priority for the moment.

“It is more serious that the village is under the control of the enemy, because people manage to survive by cultivating the land. The plots near the house are cultivated, but there is no water to irrigate them. We have already managed to plant some crops,” said Nasibyan.

The mayor notes that the residents are persistent, do not give up and continue to build the village through their hard work.

“Only if there is peace, if all concerns are overcome, we will continue to create with greater dedication in our homeland,” Gagik Nasibyan generalizes.

The Republic of Western Armenia, in its adopted law on Artsakh, has stipulated that Artsakh is an autonomous Armenian region, which has its own autonomous bodies. We respect the will of the people of Artsakh and are ready to provide any assistance to our indigenous people. If necessary, at the first call of the people of Artsakh, we, who always follow the developments, will be there.