77 organizations and trade unions involved in the protection of environment and animal rights in occupied Western Armenia issued a written statement on the danger of chemical substances after the earthquake. In the statement, it was stressed that it is necessary to protect nature and people’s health, especially from the danger of asbestos present in the demolition works after the earthquake.

The announcement states that chemicals were mixed with the air, soil and water during the demolition and removal of construction debris. The requirements mentioned in the announcement are:

* The resulting construction waste should be dumped exclusively in specially designated areas, otherwise demolition work should be stopped immediately.

* A report should be provided to the public on the presence of asbestos and other hazardous materials in demolished and damaged homes.

* Construction waste containing asbestos and other hazardous chemicals should be segregated and disposed of by specially developed methods and stored in a manner that does not endanger human life.

* It should be created in a transparent joint system, involving the responsible agencies, especially the Ministry of Environment and Urban Development, environmental organizations, trade unions.