The Monastery of the Apostle Yeghise is located in the Martakert region of Artsakh, on the slope of Mount Mrav. 

The complex is located in a difficult to reach place, the road runs through the woods. The monastery is surrounded by walls from the north, west and east, and the deep valley is a natural barrier from the south. The complex has two gates, the main one is arched and is located in the southwest corner of the wall. 

The arch of the latter is “seated” on the profiled transoms on either side of the opening. The other door is in the north corner of the east wall. The monastery is mentioned in the history of Movses Kakhankatvatsi, where it also appears under the name “Jrvshtik”. According to the historian, the relics of Yeghishé, a disciple of the apostle Thaddeus, were gathered here, after which the monastery was named “Yeghishé the Apostle”. 

The narrator testifies that “the marks found in the vision of Saint Yeghishé were transferred to the holy congregation of Nersmihr, which is now called Jrvshtik. After a long time, the pious king Vachagan of Aghvank erected a monument on the grave of the martyr Yeghishé. It is probable that the monastery received the name “Jrvshtik” from the waterfall falling from the top into the deep valley on the southern side of the complex. The tradition connects the foundation of the first construction of the monastery with the name of the pious king Vachagan