With the approval of the Ministry of Environment and Urban Development of the Turkish government in occupied Western Armenia, a concrete building under the name of “Welcome Center” has been constructed in the ancient city of Dara, which is located in the Artuklu province of Mardin region and dated to 500 BC.

The ministry has issued a tender for the construction of the building under the name of “Reception Center” in the heart of the city of Mardin Dara”. The concrete structure built in the area declared as a historical and protected area caused a negative reaction among the visitors. In the mentioned area and in the historical tombs dug into the rock, in addition to the concrete construction, slabs are also used in the name of landscaping.

Responding to the practice in the historic district, the Mardin branch of the Chamber of Architects issued a written statement. “The historic city is almost left to the whims of chance. A structure incompatible with the history and culture of the city, which has been declared a protected ancient site of the first degree, contradicts the scientifically developed rules for archaeological sites and also casts a shadow on the history of the city. The residents and visitors of the neighboring settlements of the ancient city are also seriously concerned about this situation.

The Government of Western Armenia and the National Assembly are monitoring all the buildings and natural values of historical and cultural value in the State of Western Armenia. The study of this issue will also be put on the agenda, and after recording the existing violations and complaints of the indigenous people living there, they will address the competent bodies with a report